Evolution Deceit



(7:11) We initiated your creation, then We gave you each a shape, and then We said to the angels: 'Prostrate before Adam.'
This course will cover the basics concepts put forth from the Evolution theorists and the concepts put forth from The Quran. The topics covered in the course will enable all students to understand how Quran refutes the theory of Evolution in its own terms, the facets about origin of Men, the purpose of Man's Life on earth, The final destination of all mankind. The negative aspects of Evolutionism and the positive aspects of Quran on all Mankind.

Classes will be taught by Ustaadh Sheikh Jawad Ahmed.
Time: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Days: Every Saturday from Nov 17th to Dec 8th, 2007
Fee: $100 per student

Study text book: Evolution Deceit from Harun Yahya
Includes: Books & Teachers' notes
Location: 1320 Hamilton St. Somerset, NJ 08873
Synopsis of the Course

It is quite difficult for one to appreciate fully the details of the origin of man's creation. We cannot fully grasp how man was created out of the elements drawn from the earth; how he was given a form and a well-proportioned one at that and how God's Spirit was breathed into him. It is quite obvious, though, that the Qur'anic version of man's creation is sharply at odds with the theory, of creation propounded by Darwin and his followers in our time. Darwinism explains man's creation in terms of his evolution from a variety of non-human and sub-human stages culminating in homo sapiens. It draws no clear demarcation line that would mark the end of the non-human stage of evolution and the beginning of the species called 'man'. Opposed to this is the Qur'anic version of man's creation where man starts his career from the very beginning as an independent species, having in his entire history no essential relationship at all with any non-human species. Also, man is conceived as having been invested by God with full consciousness and enlightenment from the very start of his life.
These are two different doctrines regarding the past of the human species. Both these doctrines give rise to two variant conceptions about man. If one were to adopt the Darwinian doctrine, man is conceived as essentially a species of the animal genre. Acceptance of this doctrine leads man to derive the guiding principles of his life, including moral principles, from the laws governing animal life. Given the basic premises of such a doctrine, animal-like behaviour is to be considered quite natural for man. The only, difference between man and animal lies in the fact that animals act without the help of the tools and instruments used by humans, and their behaviour is devoid of culture.
Were one to accept the other doctrine, man would be conceived as a totally, distinct category. Man is no longer viewed simply as a talking or gregarious animal. He is rather seen as God's Vicegerent on earth. What distinguishes man from other animals, according to this doctrine, is not his capacity to speak or his gregariousness but the moral responsibility and trust with which he has been invested. Thus, one's whole perspective with regard to man and everything relating to him is changed. Rather than looking downwards to species of being lower than the human, man will turn his gaze upwards. It is claimed by some that however dignified the Qur'anic doctrine might be from a moral and psychological point of view, Darwinism should still be preferred on the basis of its being scientifically established. However, the very claim that Darwinism has been scientificaly establ