Islam & Democracy: Is a Clash of Civilizations inevitable?



Noah Feldman & Hamza Yusuf


Perhaps the most pressing question facing the US today is, what is our relationship with the Islamic world going to be? Can we work together to harmonize our traditions andvalues, or are we destined for a "clash of civilizations" as some pundits have predicted? This thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion by two of America's leading scholars on Islam and the West attempts to answer this question with an emphasis on hope and the belief that the power to avert disaster lies with each one of us.

The dialogue between Noah Feldman and Hamza Yusuf is not only a brave incursion into the murky waters of contemporary political realities, but it is also a reminder that intelligent discussion guided by faith, tolerance and mutual respect, is more akin to the human spirit than hate, terrorism, or war.