Mountains of Makkah


Mountains of Makkah is an album that takes you on a journey to the House of God through the songs of Zain Bhikha. Zain made the pilgrimage to Makkah in 2004 and was inspired to share his experiences by recording 10 thought provoking tracks including a revival of his original song The Journey written many years before he made his actual pilgrimage.

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Track Listing:


2. Mountains of Makkah

3. Heart of a Muslim

4. City of Medina

5. Forgive Me When I Whine

6. Sabr and Shukr

7. Labbaik

8. O' Lord

9. Here I Am

10. Shaitaan

11. The Journey

Bonus (voice only):

Mountains of Makkah

13. Heart of a Muslim

14. City of Medina

15. Sabr and Shukr

16. The Journey