Prayers of the Last Prophet


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When the believer is in earnest supplication to his Lord he draws himself closer to Him. Though he may be engrossed in personal and private appeal to Allah borne of circumstance, seeking assistance or respite, he is brought nearer. The very act of supplication (du’a) is an act of remembrance of Allah, a meritorious act that has the ability to bestow solace upon the believer. In making du’a, man affirms his dependence upon God, he places his trust in Him and he praises Him. Allah Most High in return hears his supplication and answers it.

This book, as its title suggests, focuses on one particular aspect: prayer, or in Arabic, "du’a." It contains a small selection of prophetic supplications and Qur’anic verses. This book has been produced with all humility in an effort to present just a few of the many supplications proffered by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Structured around phases of the day, these du’as cover a range of everyday activities seeking Allah Most High’s guidance. All are derived from Qur’an and Hadith and are fully authenticated. They are beautifully presented herein along with many exquisite color photographs. Ameen.