Second Steps in Arabic Grammar (Yasin Mohamed, Muhammed Haron)


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This book is part of IQRA’S Program of Arabic Studies that can be used in conjunction with IQRA’ Arabic Reader series, levels 4 through 6, for further explanation, examples and drilling. However, it can be used as an independent textbook on Arabic grammar for junior high, high school, college students and adults. For the students who have studied IQRA’ Arabic Reader series, this volume provides a natural transition to a formal introduction to Arabic grammar.

Generally speaking, the language of this book is simple and the rules of grammar are generally explained in a lucid language. Though this is not a book for self-teaching, students who have acquired a certain level of proficiency in Arabic at the end beginning level can use it as a reference grammar book in conjunction with an intermediate level course in Arabic. However, the usage of this book can yield best results if used with the help of and under the supervision of an instructor of Arabic language.

Thoroughly revised and expanded by IQRA’ expert on Arabic language, this new volume provides further and more thorough and systemic covering of the topics initiated in First Steps.