Sunshine at Madinah (Zakaria Bashier)


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Sunshine At Madinah is a sequel to The Meccan Crucible and The Hijra. It studies the life of the Prophet in Madinah from a new perspective, highlighting the nature and characteristics of the society and the state he was able to establish. The book contains vivid description of the inspiring and moving events that took place in Madinah during the last ten years of the Prophet's mission. Topics like the Prophet's family, and the socio-economic dimensions of the Islamic state in Madinah have also been dealt with in some detail. The introductory chapter emphasizes a new methodology and a unique approach to the study of the Sirah. Based on the authentic and original sources the book not only records and analyses the events in the life of the Prophet and the Muslim community in Madinah, but presents them in a style that makes them a model for the Muslim Ummah to follow.