The Dictionary of the Holy Qur'an


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This unique dictionary of the Qur'an is very comprehensive in its contents, and easily read and understood.

The translator has used classical Arabic dictionaries in the compilation of this dictionary, including al Mufradat fi Gharib al Quran (Abdul Qasim al Husain al Raghib), Lisan al Arab (Jamal al Din aBu al Fadzl Muhammad bin Mukarram bin Manzur), Taj al Arus min Jawahir al Qamus (Muhammad al Murtadza Husaini), and the Arabic English Lexicon by Edward Lane.

Features easy to find and ascertain the real, classical, and root meanings of all the Qur'anic words. All root words of the Holy Qur'an with their derivatives have been included. Efforts have been made to highlight various shades of meaning. The etymology, function, and wherever applicable the abbreviations are also given from the most authentic sources, with explanatory notes, grammatical comments, and examples in phrase and poetry.