The History Of Al-Khilafah Ar-Rashidah (textbook)


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This textbook has been written for the Junior High level. The History of the al-Khilafah ar-Rashidah deals with one of the most important periods of Islamic History. Following the Sunnah, this period established the principles of Shura (Consultation), responsible government, rule of law, and the welfare system. The age of the ‘Righteous” Caliphs represents an age who is principles embody the archetypical Islamic State.This textbook attempts to make this very complex situation understandable to the adolescent reader. Twenty-six lessons cover major events that characterized the period of each of the four Rightly Guided Khalifahs, including Abu Bakr As-Saddiq, ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab, Uthman ibn ‘Affan and Ali ibn Abu Talib (ra).



  1. Introduction
  2. Words and terms to remember Review
  3. Brief, concise lessons summarize the rule of each Khalifah
  4. Modern methodology