The Path to Guidance


Every harm that enters upon a servant, is caused by the heart’s corruption. The corruption of the heart in turn brings about the removal of the heart’s right upon Allaah, the Exalted, and a dimunition of its degree and rank in the sight of Allaah. For this reason, some of the shaikhs advised with their saying, “Be cautious of (the) mixing with a person which will cause wastage of time and corruption of the heart. For verily, when time is wasted and the heart is corrupted, all of the affairs of the servant will become ruined ...” “How can it befit the intelligent person that he should waste and neglect it (i.e., his soul), and to sell it for an insignificant price, in a ceasing, wasting, perishing place. Is this but the greatest of frauds? This senseless and foolish fraud will become manifest on the Day of Resurrection, when the scales of those having taqwaa of Allaah will be heavy (with good deeds) and the scales of the falsifiers will be light (devoid of good deeds).”