The Purity of the Muslim (Sa'eed 'Ali Wahf al-Qahtani)


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This book of nine chapters discusses the types of various impurities and the ways to attain taharah in the light of the Qur'an and the teachings of the last prophet.

The word Tahara literally means cleanliness and purity, ie being free from all uncleanliness and impurity whether physical or spiritual. In religion it means removing physical impurity by clean water, earth or stones. It also means cleaning the body, as well as cleaning the soul from sins and polytheistic practices, from which every adult must be clean. The Prophet (pbuh) said "Tahara is one half of faith." (Muslim 1/203)

For a Muslim it is obligatory to observe tahara and keep oneself clean by way of ablution, ghusl, or tayammum. To learn how to perform the worship acts in the proper wa,y such a book is really indispensable.