The Quran: A New Translation By Thomas Cleary



Dr. Thomas Cleary (translator)
Publisher: Starlatch Press (July 2004)
Pages: 301 Binding: Paperback

Thomas Cleary holds a Ph.D. in East Asian languages and civilizations from Harvard University. He is the translator of many works including The Art of War, Awakening to the Tao, The Book of Five Rings, and The Wisdom of the Prophet: The Sayings of Muhammad.

Book Description

This is a new and complete (English only) translation of the Qur'an-the Muslim scripture-by one of the premier translators of religious texts in the world. The meanings of this sacred text are rendered into the English language with subtle touches of poetry, allowing for the opportunity to fully understand the spirit and soul of the Qur'an. This direct and timely rendition is an essential source for the modern seeker.