Young Muslim Voices Volume 2


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This collection of essays by dynamic Muslim youth were compiled during regular competitions held in the Washington DC metro area.


Surely all praise is for Allah (swt). We praise him and seek His help. We seek His forgivness and we seek refuge in him from the evil who has been guided by Allah, he is indeed guided in the right path, and anyone who has been misguided, you will never find a guardian to guide him. I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah, the only One without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His messenger. May the peace and blessing of All be upon him, upon his family and companions, and upon whose who follow them in piety until the Day of Judgment.

All praise is to Almighty Allah (swt) by Whose mercy this book, Young Muslim Voices, has been published for those interested in learning about the knowledge, communication skills, and leadership qualities of our Muslim Youth. Insha’Allah, this book will give the Essay Panel Conference (EPC) participants a sense of accomplishment and inspire all readers, young and old, a lifelong desire to increase their knowledge.

Our young must never forget that they are the leaders of tomorrow. So I say to our young readers that the time for preparing for this leadership role is NOW! Strengthen your healthy minds with the remembrance of Almighty Allah (swt). Empower your clean spirits with a burning love and thirst for useful knowledge. Continue your efforts to remain faithful servants and good friends of Allah (swt).

The EPC has been an ongoing effort of many dedicated volunteers, particularly Dr. Mostafiz R. Chowdhury, EPC Coordinator, without whose contribution EPC could not have been realized. All the volunteers work tirelessly for the Pleasure of Allah (swt) to provide our youth this platform to enhance their talents and sharpen their communication skills through writing, oratory, and reflections. May Allah (swt) give EPC Steering Committee, along with the Editorial Committee, infinite rewards, forgive their shortcomings, fulfill their objectives, and put them in the highest Paradise in the Hereafter. Ameen!

Mohammad S. Choudhury